Parallel lines

What’s the immaterial substance,
That envelopes two,
That one percieves as hunger
And the other as food?
I wake in tangeled covers
To a sash of snow,
You dream in a cartoon garden
I could never know.

Innocent imitation of how it would be
If one the music entered, you did not retreat.
In my imagination, you are cast in gold
Your image a compensation for me to hold.

Parallel lines, move so fast
Toward the same point
Infinity is as near as it is far.

Kings of convenience

Questa la ascolterei lavorando concentrato, con pennarelli e forbici.
Come del resto farò questa sera.


4 commenti to “Parallel lines”

  1. Creazione artistica? 🙂 sono curioso: cosa stai producendo?


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